Sometimes you have bad days.

But you don’t need to sit there and sulk every time you have a bad day.

The world keeps on going, so why can’t you?

I mean why not make the best with what you’ve been given up until this point instead of stewing in your own sour thoughts?

Because honestly you are the only one who can allow yourself to be cheered up or stay gloomy right?

And better yet why let the thing that’s upsetting you win?

Life is a great old big and vast sea.

And you are the captain of your own ship that sails the unpredictable waves of life.

So turn your sails whatever way you want.

And row if you have to.

But don’t let one silly storm capsize your boat because you feel like locking yourself away for a while.


Get to know me

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Name: Bella, Meesh, Prima, idk a lot of things
Birthday: November 15th
Lucky numbers: 17? I don’t really think about this much
Height: 5’7” or so?
Talents: Does drawing and being outrageous count?
Last dream you remember: rileyest's mom gave me a large turtle with a cat on top of it for some reason?
Can you juggle: Dude I can’t even balance a tray of cookies.
Art/sports/both: Art, but I go hardcore with volleyball. My team can’t even handle me.
Do you like writing: Yeah it’s fun!
Do you like dancing: Kind of? I like the concept and motions?
Do you like singing: Heck yeah man.

Dream vacation:I wanna visit a lot of different places so I can do environmental studies of landscapes and buildings and other cool things and experience all sorts of cultures.
Dream wedding: Walking down the isle to Tears of a Clown and roasting marshmallows afterwards.

Dream pet: A cat because chances are I will never have one.
Dream job: Game design and illustration.
Favorite song:  I’m really into Bang Bang right now.
Favorite album: I dunno man. I love the How to Train Your Dragon OST. But I also like Ariana’s Yours Truly album too?
Last song you heard on the radio: Uhh…
Least favorite song: Good Girl - Robin Thicke because he’s a piece of shit ((I agree with Mudd he can go jump in a lake))
Least favorite album: idk
Least favorite artist: Robin Thicke ((Me too Mudd))

Guys/girls/both: But why
Hair color: Don’t care really?
Eye color: Like I don’t care either I mean it varies from person to person like some eye colors and hair colors match up crazy well like woah.
Humorous/serious:  ….?? I like the person to be funny, but be serious when the time calls for it?
Taller/shorter: Ehhh…
Biggest turn-off: Sexist, racist, generally terrible people who only think for themselves for the most part and have no consideration for the rest of humanity and carry a sense of entitlement that would make me vomit.
Biggest turn-on: I really like older guys and guys with deep voices. Like bam.


Oh gosh this is hard um I’m only going to tag two people for this.



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this is me in every way imaginable

I tried to take a picture of Buttons, but I forgot the flash was on and mistakes were made.

I’m using an ethernet cable just to laugh at the new mega evolutions.

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cute as hell

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yo psa you aren’t obligated to stick around for people who make you feel like shit

ollie the fuck off like the fabulous star child you are

For those of you in the United States of America, the Pokémon Center online store has opened for business. This comes after several weeks of preview products. It has numerous bits of merchandise from plushies to games to TCG products and event apparel. It’s currently only able to take orders from the US so visitors from outside the USA will not be able to make any purchases on it.


When you’re in the forbidden forest and you stumble across Draco Malfoy putting his thingie in Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way’s you-know-what